Are free-range eggs healthier than cage eggs?

Serbest gezinen yumurtalar kafes yumurtalarından daha mı sağlıklı?

Although animal welfare advocates and free-range egg producers insist that free-range is better, there isn't much scientific evidence to support this.

A study at the University of Cambridge found that eggs from "pastured" chickens were higher in some vitamins and beneficial fatty acids than caged chickens. But a study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) found that there was no difference between the two when measured in Haugh units , a (narrowly defined) measure of egg quality.

"We found no significant differences between the two types of eggs," USDA researcher Deana Jones told Time . "For shoppers, the decision comes down to your ethical and moral choices."

There's no doubt that people believe that free-range eggs are much healthier , but that doesn't necessarily mean that free-range chicken eggs are healthier. Other factors also play a role in keeping eggs healthy and nutritious. For example, the general health of the chickens, their diet, living conditions and genetic factors affect the quality of the eggs. You can make a more informed choice by taking into account the information on the packaging of the eggs and purchasing them from reliable sources.

As a result, free-range eggs may have higher nutritional value in some cases and be seen as a more ethical option, but for the sake of your health you should consider all factors when consuming eggs and include them in a balanced diet plan.

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