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Frequently Asked Questions

Our business is a pioneer in developing products based on IoT (Internet of Things) technology, equipped with highly secure and fast connection protocols. These protocols aim to transform your daily life by enabling the interaction of our devices with cloud-based artificial intelligence.

These connection protocols used in our products have high-level security standards. It is equipped with industry standard security measures to ensure the protection and confidentiality of user data. This ensures that our customers' personal information and data on their devices are always safe.

These protocols guarantee a fast and stable connection. Our products use a fast internet connection to interact with cloud-based artificial intelligence. This enables real-time data streaming and analysis, providing our users with instant feedback and optimized experiences.

Our artificial intelligence-supported cloud infrastructure exchanges data between devices. This improves devices' learning capabilities and allows them to understand user preferences. By analyzing user habits, our products become more personalized and interactive over time.

Additionally, these connection protocols offer a flexible structure for updates and improvements. Our products can be constantly updated in line with current technological developments and always offer the latest features to our users.

In short, the high-security fast connection protocols used in our products interact with the artificial intelligence-supported cloud to offer our customers a safe, fast and personalized IoT experience.

Artificial intelligence is designed to instantly respond to our users' demands, preferences and needs. This system is constantly being improved to address a wide range of user needs.

First, our AI recommendation system makes recommendations based on users' preferences and habits. For example, if a user requests more caffeinated coffee, the coffee machine can automatically adjust the amount of caffeine and brew the user's preferred type of coffee.

Likewise, our AI-powered system can also meet the user's specific nutritional needs. For example, it can create special diets or make food recommendations for a user who has celiac disease.

Additionally, it can provide users with health recommendations by interpreting weight changes on our smart scales. The user may be offered nutritional or exercise recommendations based on weight changes.

AI is also used to increase users' access to healthy food options, such as creating recipes with less unsaturated fat. This allows users to be presented with personalized recipes, taking into account their dietary habits.

This process is just one example of how artificial intelligence is making our home appliances smart. Constantly evolving artificial intelligence algorithms continue to develop new and innovative features to facilitate and customize the daily lives of our users.

Smart Coffee Machine: A smart coffee machine that can adjust coffee types according to user preferences and offers customizable coffee options.
Smart Airfryer: Smart airfryer with a user-friendly interface and special cooking programs to prepare healthy and low-fat meals.
Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor: Bluetooth-enabled, mobile application integrated blood pressure monitor to measure and monitor users' blood pressure values.
Bluetooth Glucometer: A Bluetooth-enabled glucometer that provides data to the user to track and analyze sugar levels.
Smart Kitchen Scale: A smart kitchen scale with a digital display that offers precise measurements.
Smart Body Scale: A smart body scale with body composition analysis and mobile application integration that helps the user track their health data.

Beebird Home Superapp, a special application for using our products, is designed for iOS and Android platforms. This application has the interface necessary to manage, control and personalize our smart home appliances.
By downloading the Beebird Home Superapp to your smartphone, you can use our devices easily and safely. The application has a user-friendly interface and enables integration between devices. In this way, you can manage all your smart home devices from a single point.
The app allows its users to remotely control devices, set schedules, save personalized preferences, and provide a user-friendly experience. Additionally, thanks to our IoT features, it gives you the ability to control and monitor your devices even when you are away from home.

Customer safety is one of the highest priorities for our business. Our devices and cloud-based software use internationally accepted security certifications and standards. Our devices with electronic components are specially designed to meet international safety standards.

During the design and manufacturing of our devices, we have strived to strictly comply with industry standard security protocols at both hardware and software levels. This aims to protect user data and ensure the security of the devices at the maximum level.

In addition, our cloud-level software is equipped with security measures determined within the scope of regulations. In this way, while user data is stored in the cloud, it is highly protected and confidential. Measures such as encryption technologies, access controls and continuous updates have been taken.

Our devices and software have been developed with sensitivity to security and attach great importance to the protection of our customers' personal information and data. In this way, our customers can use our products safely and be sure that their personal information is safe.

Blood Pressure and Glucose Meters:
Artificial Intelligence and IoT are used in healthcare devices such as blood pressure monitors and glucometers, allowing users to easily track and record this data. Measurements are recorded instantly via devices and users can access them remotely via mobile applications. Thus, a continuous monitoring and recording of their health status is ensured.
Coffee Makers and Airfryer:
Artificial Intelligence-supported coffee machines learn users' preferred coffee types and offer personalized coffee-making experiences. Cooking devices such as Airfryer, on the other hand, offer users special cooking programs, facilitating the process of preparing meals according to certain recipes and preferences. It offers smart features for users to monitor and remotely control the cooking process.
Kitchen and Body Scales:
Artificial Intelligence and IoT integration offers precise measurement and tracking on kitchen scales and body scales. These devices help users take precise measurements while preparing meals and tracking health data. Additionally, the measured data provides detailed reports to users through mobile applications, thus helping them achieve their personal goals.

We attach great importance to energy efficiency in our products such as coffee machines and airfryers. Although our coffee machines are in the same category as espresso machines, they use energy effectively thanks to our special heat control designs. These designs provide energy savings of approximately 90%. In this way, it saves money and provides a quality coffee experience by optimizing energy use during the coffee preparation process.

Airfryer, on the other hand, is designed to fully respond to the user's wishes. This appliance has cooking capabilities based on specific user preferences. It works according to the conditions determined by the user and consumes neither more nor less energy. This allows users to use energy efficiently while achieving their desired result.
Both of our products are designed for energy efficiency and aim to keep energy savings at the highest level while meeting the needs of their users.

We offer a special warranty and support service to reflect our confidence in the quality and durability of our products. Our products are under the assurance of our company and are guaranteed for three years, excluding user errors. We offer free repair or replacement for any production or workmanship defects that may occur during this period.

There are a total of 40 technical service points in 7 regions throughout Türkiye. These services serve our users to provide maintenance, repair and technical support for our products. Our call center can be reached at 4442495 between 08.00 and 17.30 on weekdays and between 09.00 and 14.00 on Saturdays. In addition, calls made outside working hours are recorded and consumers are returned as soon as possible during the first working hours.

We are committed to customer satisfaction and long-lasting use of our products. In this regard, we are ready for any questions, problems or support requests of our users. We stand behind our products and are committed to providing our customers with a reliable experience.

Our company regularly updates our devices and software using Artificial Intelligence and IoT technologies. Thanks to the special technologies we have developed, our devices can be automatically updated over the internet. These updates are performed to improve the performance of devices, add new features or close security vulnerabilities.

Likewise, our Android and iOS mobile applications also receive regular updates. These updates are made to improve user experience, add new features or update security measures. Users can update the applications they have installed on their devices and download the latest versions via the Google Play Store or App Store.

These processes are carried out regularly to ensure that our users always use their devices and applications in the most up-to-date and efficient way. We continue to integrate technological innovations and improvements into our devices and mobile applications, keeping customer satisfaction and security at the forefront.