Smart Body Scales

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Most people have a complicated relationship with their bathroom scale. Reminding you to check your weight from time to time while sitting politely in the corner... The main problem with standard scales is that they focus too much on weight. So, when the scale doesn't move at all after regular exercise, healthy eating, and lifestyle changes, it causes disappointment and frustration.


However, achieving a fit body is not a linear path and everyone progresses on this journey in different ways. Since a standard scale cannot measure this, it falls a bit on the useless side.


Smart scales have been introduced to meet this problem and they are slowly taking over the world. But are they really worth it? Are smart scales more accurate than standard ones? Well, let's see.


What is Smart Scale?

A smart scale is an electronic device used to measure body weight. Initially, these Wi-Fi connected scales didn't have much of a unique selling point. Many of its features were already found in standard weight scales. But you could connect a smart scale to a smartphone app. This would import all your body weight information into an app and create a digital health record for you.


Later, as technology advanced, modern smart scales began to provide additional information about body composition. Today, you can get the following information about your health from these scales:

body fat percentage

Body mass index (BMI)

Base metabolic rate

fat mass

muscle mass

bone mass

body water percentage

Heart rate

Unlike standard scales, the most advanced smart scales can be customized with different modes. For example, they let you track your body weight differently if you're pregnant. Additionally, these scales can share data with other smart devices such as a fitness watch or tracker.


Benefits of Using Smart Scales

There are many advantages that a smart scale can offer, some of which are listed below:


Better Information

With smart scales, you're not limited to just weight. A standard scale cannot give you any information about your Body Mass Index (BMI), but a smart scale can. Beyond having this detailed information, you can store and track it on your smart devices. This allows you to track your health progress more closely using a smartphone app.



It is more practical to weigh yourself with a smart scale than with classic scales. Because they provide constant weight measurement changes, anyone can roughly keep track of how effective their health routine is.


Using the app, you can track the impact of your diet and lifestyle on your body. If you're running, you'll see improvements in your cardiovascular health. Similarly, if you are lifting weights, your muscle mass will begin to increase.



There are two different opinions about the accuracy of smart scales. One group thinks that they are not accurate compared to traditional scales. But on the other hand, there are also studies that prove that they are comparable to personal weight measurements performed by a trained person.


Sync Capabilities

Most smart scales available on the market allow multiple users to sync their data with the app. This means you can track and share all your achievements without purchasing separate scales.



Using a scale to measure your body weight is an ancient practice, and smart scales offer a modern version of it. Compared to traditional scales, smart scales offer much deeper insight into your health. It also allows you to track your fitness goals while managing your weight. Therefore, in terms of accessibility and features, smart scales are superior to standard scales.


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