Why is Blood Pressure Monitoring Important?

Tansiyon Takibi Neden Önemlidir?

The latest data points to a big problem. 1.4 billion people worldwide have hypertension. This corresponds to 1 in 5 adults worldwide.

As you know, uncontrolled high blood pressure is the number one cause of heart attacks and strokes worldwide. 50,000 people die daily because of this. And yet many people seem unaware of the extent of blood pressure problems:

50% are unaware they have hypertension

50% of those diagnosed do not have their blood pressure under control.

Admittedly, it is impossible to achieve the right treatment without a correct diagnosis. This is why blood pressure monitoring is so important. It is clear that people with hypertension need more frequent and detailed blood pressure monitoring beyond what has hitherto been typical.

The main factors that can lead to incorrect measurements by users are as follows:

The reliability of blood pressure measurements is a valid concern for both those managing hypertension and medical professionals. In a Harvard Health article, Dr. As explained by Hiremath:

If you are very active before taking a measurement, it is recommended that you sit and rest for five minutes before taking the measurement. Many people may not have time to wait that long or simply forget.

Putting it on top of clothing (even a thin shirt or blouse) may cause an inaccurate measurement.

The blood pressure cuff may be too tight or not tight enough. This is a common problem. If your cuff is too loose, it may cause an inaccurate lower blood pressure reading. On the other hand, a cuff that is too tight may result in a higher blood pressure reading that is inaccurate.

If there are distractions, even a quiet conversation can cause blood pressure to rise. If you live with others, it may be difficult to distract yourself while taking blood pressure readings at home.

Changing your emotional state, being in a stressful or anxious situation can cause blood pressure levels to rise. Often people experience a slight increase in stress when they measure their blood pressure.

You feel hot or cold. Your body temperature may change by 0.5-1 °C during the day. Blood pressure levels may be high when you feel cold and lower when you are in a warm environment.

If you need to urinate Blood pressure levels may be higher than normal when your bladder is full.

Is 24/7 seamless blood pressure monitoring possible?

Twenty years ago, no, this was not possible. But technology has improved since then. Those with diagnosed or suspected hypertension can use blood pressure monitors at home to monitor their blood pressure and present the past values ​​obtained on smart blood pressure monitors to their doctors.


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